“You’re like a cosmic handholder for the multi-dimensional wayfarer!  You talk people off the ledge while at the same time, putting responsibility  squarely in their own hands.”


“She’s a guide, a teacher and a pillar of fire!  If you are ready to take full responsibility for the life you create, to become completely conscious of the programming and energy you are holding in your field and projecting into physicality, I cannot say enough about working with Wanda Vitale. Wanda is a clear and powerful conduit of Source energy. She sees the geometric patterning/mechanics of creation in the quantum field and empowers all she works with to create consciously and embrace their full power. She is a pioneer and a living, breathing experiment in consciousness. It’s an honor to call her my friend.


“I met Wanda in a FB group and didn’t know much about her or her work, beyond her evident compassion and wisdom. Through a series of frantic text messages from me, Wanda taught me how to energetically re-frame the otherwise traumatic experience that I was facing. I learned to turn that situation into my own playground using love and vibration . It was an amazing feat of Wanda, and there have been many more since then. Wanda uses her clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties to help her clients archive alignment with their highest potential.”


“When I first met Wanda I saw a wise teacher who had built and traveled many roads of knowledge towards the expansion of humanity and like many others had gone into a quiet place of weariness. As a forerunner in these times, so many gifted ones wondered if there would ever be a time to use what was gleaned. I encouraged her, through my gifts, to be seen and heard and to step forward with a renewed passion for her work in service to humanity.

And she did! With a powerful message and a firm hold on wisdom she holds us accountable in pursuing Mastery. Unwavering in her truth bearing, she encourages me to remember who I am when I am at a place of visiting the “old ways”. She stands strong as a voice of affirmation and strong gifts to equip others in moving in Mastery.

Wanda Vitale is one of my “go to” people that I respect and trust. Together we have grown stronger and move as One in embracing each other as Master. I hold great love for her. As love, this is our key to freedom. I am free. I highly recommend her to all.”


“In the end we all have to pass through the Sacred Gateway of Transfiguration. To enter the Holiest state of Being, the most secret and sacred place in our hearts, to become pure Light, pure Compassion, to become who we really ARE!

There is no other path, there is no other way, and in that journey we surrender everything for we are stripped bare until there is nothing of our human self left, and it is truly a path of unimaginable Joy.

If you know you’re ready, Wanda’s assistance is like Diamond Fire to help you on your journey.

David Maria