Whatever we look for, we always find.

About 30 years ago I sat in a Sedona gathering with Dr. James Martin Peebles (through trance channel Summer Bacon) who told everyone something like ‘tell your wounded child you have better things to do’.   While this seems harsh at some point this is exactly what’s needed.   The wounded child is the illusory part of us that believed the stories of not enoughness, of fear, of all the things all of us believed.  Our mind is the sum total of the ways we immersed ourselves into limitation – the opposite of who we truly are.  We are energy masters, timeless and endless, and we chose to immerse ourselves in the illusion.

Compassion and love are critical to working with those aspects as we know.  At what point do we put our attention on our greatness, on our gifts, on our passion?  At what point do we ask why we created this limitation or trauma in the first place?  At what point do we decide to put into practice all the years of seeking and understanding we’ve accumulated?  At what point do we care for the wounded aspects by actually showing them how powerful we are and how safe they are and shift our attention to possibilities and taking action?  Is it time to pivot more to ‘what DO I want?’ when the stories we tell ourselves kick in?

Many of us wait till life forces us into a corner.  A few years ago after an accident and the perfect storm of events I had $134 to my name.  My electric bill was higher than that.  I understood a lot after being on this path for decades, however I hadn’t put it into daily practice.  No one else turns our lives around.  We do.  Our moment to moment thoughts and responses to life creates our reality in every way in this multidimensional universe.    The attention on my woundedness had to be balanced with doing, which is really being and feeling.   Feeling abundant, feeling safe, feeling relieved, feeling appreciative.  I didn’t check in with my feelings hourly;  I checked in every 10 minutes to course correct!

If your mind is still hijacking you with stories gloom and doom, question them.  Are you present in each moment and not projecting into the future?  Are you limiting yourself with logic?  Are you focused so much on the wounded aspects that you never take what feels like a risk?   We are here to feel our feelings.  Every being in the cosmos communicates through vibration and feeling.  We are NOT here to linger in the stories created by our perception at the time of the wounding.   At one point I would listen to my wounded aspects when they arose and told them I had it covered.  And I did just that.  And then they just stopped talking.

The only way we know that all things are possible is to confront our old programming.  Hourly or like me, every 10 minutes.   The ‘small self’ is our bag of wounds.  It doesn’t have the tools to move particles of energy that ultimately create form.  YOU do.  Whatever we look for, energetically we create.  So when it feels appropriate to tell your wounded child you’re busy – do it.   If something lights us up, it’s already done and completed in some dimensional reality.   Look for your greatness; look for things that light you up to create more.   Shift your focus. And then look for some magic.




We are Alchemists

How many of us really value our own pleasure enough to give it to ourselves? And not at the end of our to-do list, but as a priority?

In my work with people I’m guided in a process to resolve eons old resistance to being on the planet.  It impacts creativity, financial flow, relationships and gets down to being excited to be alive.  We chose this.  We were excited to use the rich material of the earth to nurture us, to create situations that were not available anywhere else in the cosmos.

We came here as Alchemists who could transform anything, who could play with the raw material of frequencies for the sheer wonder of it.  While we’re now transforming the lower frequencies of fear as we put our attention on the world stage, remember to connect deeply into the earth’s core and feel the excitement of your own life as a creative experiment.  Put yourself first.


Merging Wisdom and Emotions

Our lives are always pointing us within.  During times when it seems nothing is moving we’re gifted with moving farther into ourSelves.  In every case a charged reaction to something ‘out there’ is a sure sign we have something to love and integrate within ourselves.  In my work with others (and myself) I see the many timelines/lifetimes on earth and off earth where we’ve been abandoned, rejected, betrayed, killed; have perpetrated killings, rapes, torture … awful things for the mind to experience.  I see how we’ve walled off parts of ourselves so that we never EVER have to experience those kinds of feelings again.  We chip away at these core beliefs until finally the core is ready to be experienced.  In my work with another teacher recently I discovered a deeply buried death wish I had no idea was there.  The integration was intense and on the other side, an entirely different level of excitement about living is there now.  Who knew?! For those of us who carry a substantial galactic lineage as I do – and many of you do – this represents a disconnect from earth and the richness of our earthly experience!  Our lives are always a perfect reflection of everything inside.

And what do most of us do?  We watch TV.  We engage our minds with whatever is happening in the world.  We spend too much time on Facebook.  We worry.  We give incessantly to others.  We do anything we can NOT to feel the rawness so the coping stories and mechanisms kick in.  And we wonder why our experience doesn’t change.    The world is really just many intersecting holograms.

Now more than ever it’s time to slow down and pay attention to ourselves.  Be present with yourself.  Drop all the stories running in your mind and its distractions. What are you feeling? Go there.  Love that part of you; send it Light.  Don’t engage with the mind’s stories.  We are becoming ensouled and all that is not Light is coming up.   It’s time to become 100% conscious.  When we marry the rich emotions of our deepest vulnerability with the wisdom of our Knowing, it’s Heaven on Earth.  And  it’s up to each one of us to create it.

Interested in accelerating this process?  Check out my website or contact me for more information.  We just can’t get this wrong; everything is the Path.  And we’re all doing it together.

Upcoming Retreat in Tunisa

Tunisia on the coast of northern Africa holds many mysteries. The people there have passed down stories that reflect the presence of off planet visitations. Their culture takes for granted many 5D understandings many are just now beginning to hold.  We’re planning a small intimate retreat in late October that will immerse attendees in the energetic remembrance of forgotten cosmic codes while providing plenty of time to explore Tunis and soak in the Mediterranean sun.    More information and a website are coming soon!
‘At least 9,300 years ago, Stone Age hunter-gatherers in a now-submerged area of the Mediterranean Sea accomplished a feat that even most modern humans could not do: They apparently cut a 15-ton limestone pillar with precision, drilled holes in it and transported it nearly 300 meters (984 feet). The monolith is 12 meters (39 feet) long. Oceanographers studying the Mediterranean sea floor in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily in 2012 found the monolith 40 meters (131 feet) deep. In a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the researchers say this area became submerged about 9,350 years ago, give or take 200 years. Before that, the area was shallow sea with an archipelago of several islands about halfway between the island of Sicily and the North African coast. The researchers say the discovery of this submerged pillar may require scholars to rethink the idea of “technological primitivism” among hunter-gatherers. Researchers were able to date the monolith by extracting shell fragments from it. The dating showed the pillar has the same composition and age as nearby limestone. Seawater covered the area when the last Ice Age ended around 9,350 years ago, so the pillar is assumed to have been fashioned at least that long ago.’

A Testimonial

I wish I could find words that would sufficiently illustrate the power of Wanda’s presence and work, but they don’t exist.  The diamond activation creates strength, clarity and coherence at the deepest level and changed everything for me.  I can’t say this about any other work I’ve done, though much of it was immensely helpful.  It’s through what I have learned and received via Wanda that all that other work crystallized and came into true alignment for me, as if I didn’t know how to work with all that I AM and all that IS until I brought this template online. Since activating the diamond structure within my consciousness I have found myself capable of bringing to completion old patterns of suffering, of knowing I have the capacity to work with anything and create new pathways. I notice where I’m out of alignment and have all the motivation I need to engage the changes I am being called to make. What felt perpetually blocked or stuck in my life has progressively opened up for me, and my capacity to flow with it also upgrades now with each increase in amplitude. I have become much more expansive in identity — I feel connected to my depths, to the multidimensional expressions of this soul that I AM, and fluid in my ability to respond with grace to the challenges and inspirations that present themselves. It feels like my sense of connection to what is most real in me — which has been strong my whole life — has gone from stream to great river since activating. The flow is unstoppable and impossible to ignore now. Wanda embodies a signature clarity and creative potency and transmits it in the most gorgeous direct manner. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work and play with her.

If I see ONE more post in my feed about how retrograde planets are bad …

If I see ONE more post in my feed about how all these retrograde planets are bad, I think I will literally combust. Only the mind believes in lack, in reversals, in attachment, in ‘something bad could happen’. Step away from the ledge! We are not our minds!

There is so much flow and expansion available now as we integrate these galactic downloads and remember more of the totality of who we really are. I can feel the frequency of what’s ahead and am sooooo excited! As an intuitive I have no idea what this will look like, though it’s only because the mind just doesn’t have a translation yet. We are in for huge expansion just ahead!

Retrogrades are good. My non-physical team shows me how our bodies and fields literally integrate a higher level frequency and restructure during these times. We also get very clear on who we are, what’s important, and what’s ready to be left at the curb. That clarity becomes the intention that is a frequency that creates our experience.

This is BIG stuff, guys! Dream, imagine, let yourself experience in your imagination a juicy life in every way. Surrender your egoic attachments to safety and let yourself be led to your new life. And don’t read the 3D astrologers!

If you’re curious about my work and the impact on your life, PM me. I work with folks from around the globe withh Skype. It’s time for you to become your own guru and leader in your life and that’s really what happens. Step out of the matrix completely and become fully stabilized in the crystalline/diamond/quantum field. There is so much magic here.

March 25th, a pivotal day

‘Through the alchemy of Chiron, Sedna, Black Moon Lilith and tomorrow’s Venus Star Point the deep feminine is working her magic.The Sun our Light embracing the Goddess at 4 Aries initiates a new cycle of connection- to your Self,to others and to life’.   Lorna Bevan

After an extended period of diving into some of the deepest parts of ourselves,  tomorrow, March 25th, is a pivotal day when everything we’ve discovered starts to make some sense and we can decide to move forward.  So many of us – including myself – have gone deep into our most lonely places, into the hurt, the rejection, the lack, into our old patterns to look at the nature of love in our lives … how we relate, what we are willing to accept, our inherent value.

With this renewed clarity and integration it’s time to decide what’s important, where we’ve accepted less than, how we’ve compromised the very nature of our connection to Self.  From this new connection to ourSelves we can make the necessary changes so life can reflect back to us who we Are.

If any of you have experienced deep waves of sadness and overwhelm, know it’s shifting.   As big waves of energy flow in,  the deepest most vulnerable parts of ourselves get stirred and shaken.  The unconconscious becomes conscious.   We are here to create a life that reflects our magnificence and holiness and the only way this can happen is to uncover those areas not reflecting that.  Life can and does change in the blink of an eye.  Love your hearts and know that all is well.