My journey of awakening began in the 1970’s and has included many modalities for wholing, all of which have contributed to my expression of my soul mission.  I am an energetic receiver and transmitter, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairvoyant.  My non-physical team who works through me activates and accelerates DNA templates and dissolves energetic distortions to bring about a rapid stabilization in the first levels of quantum experience we’re now able to sustain, the Diamond energetic.  DNA opens and releases dormant codes;  reliance on old mental and emotional patterning rapidly fades and quantum experience, our birthright, becomes possible.  It is a physical and emotional process.  What does that mean?  A life where we feel everything fully without any stories of foreboding or judgment attached to them, a life where you know without fail you are creating everything and utilize tools in the areas where reaction exists, a life where all experience becomes a jumping off point to more clarity and expanded choices.  Your own non-physical team,  multi-dimensional aspects of you, becomes your problem solvers and inspiration providers.

If you know you create your life but still get pulled back into reaction, if you’re ready to take full responsibility for your life and experience, consider working with me.

I offer an initial activation session via Skype or the phone which accelerates the foundational energetics and provide on-going support via phone, text and email.  You will become part of a private Facebook group to interact with others who have chosen to live an empowered multi-dimensional life.  For a nominal monthly subscription of $20 we gather via a weekly telecall for ongoing activations, support and expansion.  Duration for these calls  is typically an hour to an hour and a half.

During the group gatherings we allow the energies to speak and reveal themselves to us, rather than intending any specific outcome or directing from the ego/mind. This is part of the re-balancing of the planet and collective into the divine feminine energies and out of eons of distorted masculine energy which try to control or direct. The divine masculine principle is also active in our group, though, as the group dynamic allows for shared leadership, authority, and action based first on opening, receiving, and inspiration.   Since full embodiment occurs in phases these sessions provide ongoing physical, mental and energetic support to facilitate the necessary upleveling.

Passion and possibilities, empowerment … these are your birthright and are available to everyone  who is ready.  Contact me to decide if this is your next step.